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Dizzy the dozy duck has lost her ducking ducklings and she is one angry bird. Can you help her find them?

How many ducklings can you help Dizzy find? How far can you help Dizzy travel? Download Doodle Ducks now for FREE and find out.

Flap across streams, flutter over rocks and duck under bridges to help safely guide Dizzy find all her lost Ducklings.

Why settle for another bird for Thanksgiving when you can have Duck.


★ Quack-tacular endless paddler
★ Doodle Duck-tastic graphics
★ Simple swipe controls that are easy to use
★ Game Center leader boards & achievements to compete with your friends
★ Share your scores via Facebook & Twitter

Don’t you know about the bird?
Everybody knows the duck is a bird!
Bird, bird, bird the duck is a bird :)

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