Spacelings (Version 2.0)

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Attention Earthlings!

Spacelings version 2.0 is finally available on iOS!

UPDATE 2.0.0
When is an update not an update? When it’s an update so gargantuantly huge that it’s practically a sequel!

HotGen is very proud to present Spacelings version 2.0.0!

Over twice the size of the original release, this monstrous update features amongst other things: new levels, gameplay elements, sounds, music and graphics as well as refinements to the controls, physics, user feedback and the flow of gameplay.

Also available is the option to upgrade Spacelings with the “Hostile Galaxy” add-on pack that comes with a mind blowing additional 151 missions that finish the Spacelings story, allows access to the premium future level updates as well as disabling adverts forever!

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