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To-Fu Fury pings its way to iOS and Kindle

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Last week, To-Fu Fury arrived on iOS and Kindle in all its gelatinous splendour. Within a few short hours, you lovely people had boosted it all the way into the top ten puzzle games on the App Store in the US and the UK. We’d like to thank each and every one of you for helping to get To-Fu Fury into the charts, and we really hope you’ve been having loads of fun playing it over the weekend. To-Fu Fury will be Editor’s Choice on the App Store for the rest of the week.

Meanwhile, everyone in the office is squeeing over this beautiful new trailer. Take a look and squee with us.

Doodle Ducks (Available on the App Store NOW!)

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Dizzy the dozy duck has lost her ducking ducklings and she is one angry bird.

Can you help her find them? How many ducklings can you help Dizzy find? How far can you help Dizzy travel? Flap across streams, flutter over rocks and duck under bridges to help safely guide Dizzy find all her lost Ducklings.

Download Doodle Ducks now for FREE and find out.



Why settle for another bird for Thanksgiving when you can have Duck.


  • Quack-tacular endless paddler
  • Doodle Duck-tastic graphics
  • Simple swipe controls that are easy to use
  • Game Center leader boards & achievements to compete with your friends
  • Share your scores via Facebook & Twitter


Don’t you know about the bird?
Everybody knows a duck is a bird!

Bird, bird, bird
the duck is a bird :)

Bird Bird Bird, a Duck is a Bird

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Deep in our little dungeon here at HotGen Towers we have been dabbling with an interesting little project. In fact it will be winging its way onto the App Store in the very near future as it is in submission as I type.

It’s great to experiment with prototypes of all kinds and we felt this one should be allowed to surface. Be warned it’s pretty darned addictive and if you enjoy the look and feel of smooth fingertips this may well be the App for you.

Expect more details soon and we hope you enjoy dabbling with our little duck-tastic creation.

To-Fu: Nominated as one of the best Catapult games on mobile by Pocket Gamer

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To-Fu: The Trials of Chi has been nominated for the Poket Games Applympics as one of the best catapult games on mobile!

Please click on the image or the link below, ‘Like’ their page and vote for To-Fu. Thanks!

Pocket Gamer Facebook 


Spacelings (Version 2.0)

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Attention Earthlings!

Spacelings version 2.0 is finally available on iOS!

UPDATE 2.0.0
When is an update not an update? When it’s an update so gargantuantly huge that it’s practically a sequel!

HotGen is very proud to present Spacelings version 2.0.0!

Over twice the size of the original release, this monstrous update features amongst other things: new levels, gameplay elements, sounds, music and graphics as well as refinements to the controls, physics, user feedback and the flow of gameplay.

Also available is the option to upgrade Spacelings with the “Hostile Galaxy” add-on pack that comes with a mind blowing additional 151 missions that finish the Spacelings story, allows access to the premium future level updates as well as disabling adverts forever!

Download it