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To-Fu Fury

To-Fu returns in his third adventure, and acquires a third dimension!

Get ready to see To-Fu’s world as you’ve never seen it before using Dynamic Perspective technology. Debuting on Amazon’s Fire Phone, To-Fu Fury sees our soy-based hero take on a brand new quest through 90 new levels. Along with his loyal sidekick Fortune Kitty, To-Fu embarks on his biggest adventure yet to defend the world from the evil Hoshi.

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To-Fu 2

Introducing To-Fu 2, the sequel to the popular iOS hit, To-Fu: The Trials of Chi.

Reunite with To-Fu and harness the power of Chi! Get ready to smash through objects with the all-new Super Ping move and be prepared for many new obstacles and challenges. Ping around corners with 45 degree blocks & ricochet off rebound blocks across 160 all-new, brain-bending levels.

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The cute and lovable Spacelings and their sinister Roborg adversaries debut in an action puzzler like no other.
In this supreme test of lateral thinking, you must pull, push, grab, deflect, detonate and slingshot your way through over one hundred levels of logic and mayhem!

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To-Fu: The Trials of Chi

Introducing To-Fu: the world’s most malleable martial artist.

Join our stretchy protagonist as he gets ready to undertake the infamous ‘Trials of Chi’. Stretch, ping, stick and rebound our little hero through 180 levels of treacherous booby-traps and mystical mechanisms as you try to conquer the trials and help To-Fu become the illustrious ‘Master of Chi’

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Doodle Ducks

itunes_512512Dizzy the dozy duck has lost her ducking ducklings and she is one angry bird. Can you help her find them?

How many ducklings can you help Dizzy find? How far can you help Dizzy travel? Download Doodle Ducks now for FREE and find out.

Flap across streams, flutter over rocks and duck under bridges to help safely guide Dizzy find all her lost Ducklings.

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